Our Philosophy

With a background in the entertainment world, Fabio Palazzi is known as VIP Concierge & Luxury Manager, founder and CEO of the Jet Set Capri brand, which collects luxury products and services under a single name. In his professional curriculum there are experiences in the world of management, publishing, travel and above all luxury, as well as being an eclectic art director and organizer with his own “glamor & fashion” style. After having faced all the challenges of the world of communication, we see him today engaged as a point of reference for large national events, and with Jet Set Capri, the company he founded in 2012, he emphasizes the elegance in services and in the new line of accessories for the luxury world that he designed and produced. Worthy of note are its events that involved personalities from the world of Italian television and the gallant Luxury Dinner, which are a spearhead involving the brand’s Partners. Jet Set Capri offers VIP Concierge services, in collaboration with the reference structures of the territory on the Island of Capri. The elegance, the worldliness and the magic of the island remain imprinted on those who want to enjoy the services offered, if they look through the eyes of the Jet Set Capri.

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